Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Canonical Reading Plan for Thu May 4, 1 Chr 9-11

Today’s readings are 1 Chr 9-11

Emphasizing the span of time 1 Chronicles covers, the historian gives us an overview of the return from exile to Judah of the Jews. The nation is once again referred to as “Israel,” as if to infer they are reunited (1 Chr 9:1-2). This does not necessarily evidence that Israel has been reconstituted and is now as it was prior to the Assyrian and Babylonian captivity. It is more of a statement that there isn’t much left of its former glory. Indeed, 1 Chr 9:1 mentions Judah’s “fall from faith” as their reason for being taken into exile.

The reoccupation of Jerusalem is heavily emphasized (1 Chr 9:2-34). Its importance cannot be overstated. Jerusalem was not merely the capital city, it was the center of worship, the home of the temple and the physical center of the Jewish faith. For the Jews to return to Jerusalem is a clear indication that God has not abandoned them. Furthermore, after seventy years in captivity, those Jews who decide to leave their established homes in Babylon make a statement of their faith and dedication to the Lord. Many of those who are “coming back” have likely never seen Jerusalem. Many willingly leave the only home they ever knew to rebuild a city that is defenseless and in ruins. In short, Israel, albeit significantly smaller and weaker, has survived the exile and is being blessed by God. His promises endure as do His children.

Looking further back in Israel's history, Saul’s lineage is repeated in 1 Chr 9:35-44, this time as a record of his rise and the continuation of his bloodline despite his spectacular fall which is documented in 1 Chr 10:1-14.

1 Chr 11 gives us some additional detail on the events of 2 Sam 5. The accomplishments of David's mighty men and their loyalty to him demonstrate his rise to power after Saul’s demise. The Chronicler wants his readers to see the contrast between the blessing David is receiving and the curses that have fallen on Saul.

The Chronicler mentions Uriah the Hittite as one of David's mighty men (1 Chr 11:44). His wife, Bathsheba, is not mentioned—yet. 

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