Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Daily Bread for Jun 24, Psa 58-65

Today's readings are Psa 58-65.

Psa 58 - Imprecatory (David prays for God's punishment)
Psa 59 - Imprecatory (David prays for God's salvation)
Psa 60 - Lament (David laments God's rejection)
Psa 61 - Lament (David prays for God's protection)
Psa 62 - Lament (David prays for God's refuge) 
Psa 63 - Lament (David seeks for God's presence)
Psa 64 - Lament (David prays for God's defense)
Psa 65 - Thanksgiving (David reverences God's favor)

Friday, June 22, 2018

Daily Bread for Jun 23, Psa 51-57

Today's readings are Psa 51-57.

Psa 51 - Penitential/Lament  (David praises God's forgiveness)
Psa 52 - Wisdom/Imprecatory  (David rebukes God's enemy)
Psa 53 - Lament (David mocks God's enemy)
Psa 54 - Lament (David prays for God's defense)
Psa 55 - Imprecatory (David prays for God's destruction) 
Psa 56 - Lament (David prays for God's deliverance)

Psa 57 - Lament (David prays for God's rescue)

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Daily Bread for Jun 22, Psa 46-50

Today's readings are Psa 46-50.

Psa 46 - Pilgrimage (Sons of Korah trust God's refuge)
Psa 47 - Enthronement (Sons of Korah praise God's sovereignty)
Psa 48 - Pilgrimage (Sons of Korah praise God's city)
Psa 49 - Wisdom (Sons of Korah rebuke false hopes)
Psa 50 - Royal (Asaph issues God's summons)

Most of today's Psalms are all ascribed to the Sons of Korah who were Levites and descendants of Kohath, who challenged Aaron's priestly position in Numbers 16 with disastrous results.  By the time we see them in 1 Chronicles, the Korahites have been relegated to gatekeepers and bakers in the Temple. Some of their history is revealed in these Psalms. Their devotion and worship, their willingness to joyfully serve in less-than-exalted positions, even though things have turned out differently than they expected, is an encouragement and an excellent example for all of us.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Daily Bread for Jun 21, Psa 40-45

Today's readings are Psa 40-45.

Psa 40 - Lament  (David seeks God's defense)
Psa 41 - Thanksgiving (David trusts God's loyalty)

Psa 41 is the end of Book One of the Psalms. True to form, it is Davidic (speaks of David) in nature and ends with the phrase, "Blessed be the Lord God of Israel." Book One is roughly a parallel to David's early career when he had been anointed king by Samuel but was struggling under Saul. Book Two, whose undergirding theme is "The king on the throne," begins with a series of psalms by the Sons of Korah. 

Psa 42 - Lament (the psalmist thirsts for God)
Psa 43 - Lament (the psalmist longs for God)
Psa 44 - Lament (the psalmist remembers God)

Psa 45 - Royal (Sons of Korah celebrate the King's marriage)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Daily Bread for Jun 20, Psa 36-39

Today's readings are Psa 36-39.

Ps 36 - Thanksgiving (David trusts God's lovingkindness)
Ps 37 - Trust (David trusts God's security)
Ps 38 - Lament (David acknowledges God's discipline)

Ps 39 - Lament (David seeks God's purposes)