Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Nov 9, Lk 22, Jn 13

Today's readings are Lk 22, Jn 13. Tomorrow's are Jn 14-17. 

Lk 22 is filled with thought provoking details. 

In Lk 22:3, we hear that Satan entered into Judas. Does this make Judas a puppet, acting against his will? No it makes Satan into one who takes advantage of an already evil heart. Remember, Judas was a thief (Jn 12:6). Furthermore, in Lk 22:5, we see Judas "consented" and actively "sought an opportunity to betray him". God is divinely sovereign over Judas's betrayal, having prophesied it prior to it happening. Yet, Judas's actions are a sobering example of human responsibility for our own behavior and decisions. This is another example of divine election and human responsibility rolled into the same verse.

Rather than reading into Lk 22:29 the idea of the disciples receiving geographic kingdoms, as some do, it is probably more accurate to read that they will reign with Jesus in His kingdom. 

In Lk 22:31, Simon is told that Satan has "demanded to have you that he might sift you like wheat."  The first thing we should see is that both times we see "you" it is plural. Jesus is speaking of all the disciples, not just Peter. The inference here is that Satan has successfully requested that all the disciples be put-to-the-test in the same manner wheat is sifted. Satan wants to do harm here. But sifting wheat removes impurities and unwanted particles leaving useful grains. Passages like this always have to be filtered by Rom 8:28 which tells us that God uses all things for our good and his glory, even things Satan asks and receives of God. This is similar to Job's situation. Satan asked permission to afflict Job. God gave it to him. Then God used the affliction to refine Job.

In Lk 22:66-71, the chief priests and scribes ask Jesus if He is the Christ, seeking to condemn Him. He says, in vs 70, "You say that I am". In vs 71, they say, "We have heard it ourselves form His own lips." They have actually not heard it from His own lips. In trying to manipulate Jesus into saying something they can use to condemn Him, they lie and end up condemning themselves instead.

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