Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Aug 28, Eze 9-12

Today's readings are Eze 9-12. Tomorrow's are Eze 13-15. 

In Eze 9, the glory of the Lord is on the move from within the Holy of Holies. A scribe is appointed to mark those in Jerusalem who have been faithful. The scribe is a type of Jesus, setting apart those who belong to God. Burning coals are gathered to be spread out over the city from God's chariot, a sign of judgment. We hear that the strange creatures described in Eze 1 are cherubs, moving out of the Temple, into the city, along with the Lord Himself. The Lord is departing from the Temple, His glory going with Him. The people in Jerusalem are so out-of-touch with their faith that they are oblivious to the departure of the Spirit. 

Meanwhile 25 leaders, including Jaazaniah and Pelatiah, are proclaiming to the city they will suffer no harm (Eze 11:1-2). Ezekiel is concerned that God is planning to destroy all the people. Yet, he continues to faithfully prophesy. God assures Him He will bring a remnant back from exile and bless them.

The chariot of the Lord leaves the city, stopping on the Mount of Olives on the way. The Lord has abandoned the Temple and Jerusalem, leaving it unprotected and vulnerable to invasion. They are still His people. But, their sin and rebellion have cost them His protection and presence. In a spectacular display of God's grace, God incarnate will return via the same route He left, the Mt. of Olives. 

In Eze 12, Ezekiel is told to appear as though he is sneaking away from the city and going into exile, a portent of what is to come. He is to tremble as he eats, another sign of the fear that will grip the city.  

All the time, the people are doubting, saying of Ezekiel's prophecies, "The days grow long and every vision comes to nothing." God says He will change that saying to, "The days are near and the fulfillment of every vision (will come to pass)". 

The people have taken God for granted. They have begun to view their sins as acceptable. God has delayed venting His wrath, giving them every chance to repent, and they have taken it to mean there is no wrath at all. They've taken Him so much for granted, they don't even notice that He is no longer among them. They no longer listen to His prophets but have decided to embrace those false prophets that tell them what they want to hear, "You're fine! There's no need to repent. He's not a God of wrath. Don't worry about your sin."

Disaster looms on the horizon when God's people mistake grace for a lack of the need to repent. 

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