Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Aug 23, Jer 51-52

Today's readings are Jer 51-52. Tomorrow's are Lam 1-2. 

We hear some of God's harshest rebukes and judgments yet reserved for Babylon whom the Lord had used to punish many other nations. God would raise up another nation to the North, the Medes (Persians), who would totally devastate the Babylonian/Chaldean alliance and vanquish the once powerful juggernaut in 539 BC. The Persians, under King Cyrus, would allow the Jews to return to Judah, making good on God's promise of renewal.

In the final chapter, we hear the reminder of what had been lost due to the rebellion of God's people. Not only was the city of Jerusalem razed, the Temple, the shining symbol of God's presence among them, was destroyed, it's utensils and riches carried away to another land. It becomes abundantly clear that God will not honor sin and rebellion, even among those He loves. His love does not change They remain His chosen people. But His protection and provision are removed.

Throughout The Book of Jeremiah, we've seen that God's ultimate plan is to bless His people. He placed Jeremiah in difficult situations, incessantly using him as a paragon of virtue and godliness. Jeremiah's goodness and godly attitude were a stark contrast to the people of Judah and Israel. Jeremiah was a messenger who declared a harsh warning against ungodliness. His most profound message, however, was one of redemption and return for God's people. At the same time, even though God used them for His divine purposes, He would judge those who oppressed and tortured His people. Those nations that came against His people. those who rejected Him, would suffer and be punished.

God's is merciful, loving and gracious. But, we would do well to remember that His holiness will not be compromised. Neither will the sanctification of His people. While our place in heaven is guaranteed by His immeasurable grace, we can choose to walk in His fullest blessing here on earth by obeying Him and repenting of our sins, or we can remove ourselves from His provision and protection by disobeying Him. This is one of the primary the lessons of Jeremiah. 

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