The Seine River running through Paris

The Seine River running through Paris

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Aug 22, Jer 49-50

Today's readings are Jer 49-50. Tomorrow's are Jer 51-52.

In Jer 49-50, as Jeremiah has been prophesying all along, judgment and wrath rain down on the nations that have oppressed Judah and Israel.

These maps will show where most of those nations are located. 

There's a lesson to be learned in the geography here. In Jeremiah's time, Israel had already been taken into exile and Judah was being invaded as well. The nations surrounding Judah were large and far more powerful than Judah. Everywhere either of the two kingdoms turned, other than back toward God, the situation only worsened. 

Judah was in grave peril. By any worldly measurement, they were in a situation that was impossible to end in victory or freedom. Yet, God had repeatedly told them He would redeem them if they repented. He also promised them freedom. 

Then, just when the situation seems at its most hopeless point, God steps in and does exactly as He said He would. Think of all the heartache and destruction Judah would have avoided it they had simply done what God told them to do in the beginning and trusted Him!

But, think about this as well. In God and for those who belong to Him, there is no situation so hopeless that it is beyond His power to deliver.

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