Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for May 25, Psalms 131, 138, 139, 143-145

Today's readings are Psalms 131, 138, 139, 143-145. Tomorrow's are 1 Chron 26-29 and Psalms 127.

In Psalm 133, David reflects on the unity necessary to build the Temple, causing us to relfect on the unity necessary to build His church. In Psalm 138, David gives thanks and asks Him, in Psalm 139, to examine his heart. Purification and righteousness are what David is in search of, not vindication or affirmation.

In Psalm 143, David cries out to God to quench the thirst of his soul. In Psalm 144, he confesses that God is his only foundation. In Psalm 145, David sings to the glory of God.

David's life is certainly not a testimony to getting it right or being problem free. However, it is a wonderful example of how to handle our stumbles, failures and blatant sins. David never fails to humble himself before the Lord asking for forgiveness and mercy. He knows without God's grace, he is doomed. 

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