Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for May 23, Psalms 108-110.

Today's readings are Psalm 108-110. Tomorrow's are 1 Chronicles 23-25. 

Psalm 108 is a good example of a hymn with three participating voices. One voice is that of the congregation. The other is that of God. The third is that of David, the Psalmist.  Take a look at the Psalm again and read it with the idea that the congregation sings Psalm 108: 1-7a, God responds in vs 7a-9 and David implores God to guide them in vs 10-13.  
Psalm 109  pronounces a curse on an enemy based, not on personal anger or vengeance, but on a sense of justice. 
Psalm 110 finds David extolling the virtues of the coming Messiah, a king even greater than himself. David speaks in vs 1a, God speaks a prophetic blessing over David in the rest of the Psalm, promising victory to David in vs 1b-4 and foretelling of the coming of the Messiah in vs 5-7.

Notice David's progression here. He has just suffered the humility of realizing he acted in pride in the census situation. In Ps 108, He asks for god's guidance for himself and his people. In Psalm 109, the curse is not personal but about the enemy violating God's justice. In Psalm 110, David looks forward to a king better than himself. 

David stumbled, but his repentant heart has been healed y God and his relationship with Him restored. God is the focus of David's heart. 

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