Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Mar 14, Deut 11-13

Today's readings are Deut 11-13. Tomorrow's are Deut 14-16. 

God has formed a covenant with His people. In Deut 11:1-7 we hear that the mark of that covenant is love and obedience to His statutes. In support of both conditions of the covenant, Israel is reminded of their past where the consequences of disobedience were harsh. 

In Deut 11:8-11, we see the blessing of God is abundant for those that love Him and are obedient to His commandments. They are to keep this in mind as they move into the Promised Land. Many people today understand the love part of the covenant but have chosen to ignore the obedience part of it thinking somehow that God no longer requires the obedience of His people in order to enjoy His fullest blessing, embracing the "two greatest commandments"  (Mt 22:36-40) and ignoring 1John 2:3-4.

Canaan was filled with shrines to a multitude of gods. Deut 12 tells us there should be one sanctuary for God's people devoted to the one true God. This sanctuary would be determined by God (Deut 12:11) and become a central location for them to worship and bring their offerings. At first, in the wilderness, this location would be the Tabernacle. When they get to the Promised Land, it will become the Temple.  As we see in the New Testament, it eventually becomes the local church. 

In the rest of Deut 12-13, we hear that God not only chooses the place of worship, but the manner and content as well. Worship is all about God and not about the personal preferences  of His people. It is to be a sweet aroma to Him, not an "experience" for us.  

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