Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Mar 13, Dt 8-10

Deut 8 serves as a reminder that God has been with His people throughout their time in the wilderness. Furthermore, the reason for their wanderings has been to teach them to depend solely upon Him. They are warned against turning away from God and worshiping the idols of the pagan land. 

God knows His people can be fickle, crying out to Him when they are in need or in trouble then turning their back on Him or taking Him for granted when things improve. He has shown them that He is able to sustain all their needs. God wants them to learn that lesson and bear it in mind when they occupy the new land. 

In Deut 9-10, Moses makes it clear that any blessing or victory the Hebrews receive is not because of their righteousness. They are, in fact, a stubborn people. He runs down a list of things they've done to support His accusation. All of them were an offense to God. Still God is faithful and has promised them they would have the Promised Land. The victory will go to the Jews not because of their own goodness, but because of the wickedness of their enemies and the goodness of God.

Moses reminds the Jews of their insolence and his position as mediator, once again establishing the vital role a mediator will play as he stands between God and His people. We see God's inimitable grace in that He provides new copies of the Law to replace the ones Moses shattered. The Jews remain His children. The Law is there to sanctify, not control. The Law is a gift to those who belong to God, reminding them that there is still heart-work that needs to be done if they are to be the holy people God calls them to be.     

Moses also reminds them that they are to love God as part of the covenant He has formed with them. If they do, then their love for others will be the evidence of their love for God.

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