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Sabbatical 2017
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Monday, November 12, 2012

Care Net $5000 Challenge!

Greetings in the Name above all other names, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Most of you are familiar with Care Net Pregnancy Resource Centers. Our local offices, in Warrenton, are  run by Dee Rivers and a great and godly crew of volunteers. They are unashamed proclaimers of the gospel and true godly examples of the compassion and love of Jesus Christ in how they reach out and minister to the expectant women and couples of our community. 

WBF had the privilege of having Dee as our guest speaker on Nov 4. She shared her heart for unborn babies and their parents as well as her passion for the gospel and the truth of God's word. I've spent time with the crew at Care Net and have seen their heart for God and their heart for the beautiful people who come into their offices looking for guidance. 

Care Net has recently embarked upon a program that will allow them to provide free ultrasound examinations and images to those folks who come in for counsel. This is an expensive program but the potential benefits and eternal blessings go far beyond anything that can be quantified by money or material measures. Historically and nationally, the rate of conversions from a decision to abort into a decision to have the baby is as high as 85% with the addition of the ultrasound. Care Net has seen the same results locally in a frutstratingly limited scope of this new and exciting program. Their desire is to expand the service and make it available to as many mothers as possible. This picture, can save a life!

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And we, as a church, as a community, can help them bring it to countless mothers, saving a countless number of precious babies in the process. The opportunity has never been greater. The State of Virginia has just passed legislation requiring expectant mothers to have an ultrasound done before having an abortion. Car Net offers them free of charge. In an unprecedented twist of irony and by the hand of a mighty God, Care Net finds itself having local abortion clinics actually send  their prospective patients into Care Net's offices to get a procedure done they could not otherwise afford. Do you see how vitally important it is to have these machines, technicians and facilities available?

But they need funds to get this accomplished.

As we near the end of 2012, the Elders and Pastors of WBF have issued a challenge, both to our congregation and to the other congregations in our area. We think we can raise $5000, as a congregation, between now and Dec 9. We are committed to it! We know that this alone is not enough to get the job done. But, if other churches will join us...if we can come out of our churches and unite in one common purpose, the preservation of innocent lives, then we can, as the Church at Warrenton, have a huge and eternal impact on our community. 

Kelly and I made a promise to our church family, quite some time ago, that we would never ask them to do anything we, ourselves, are not committed to doing as well.  We support Care Net on a monthly basis. Still, we are wholly committed to this important and vital project for the sake of the gospel, for the sake of this great community we are blessed to be part of. As such, we wrote the first check into the Care Net fund created by our Elders for this purpose. We're asking you to do the same thing we're doing, give sacrificially, over and above your tithe this year, to a worthy, godly and common cause we can all share in supporting just as we can all share in the blessings of helping Dee and her crew bring light into the darkness.

We'll have donation stations set up in the sanctuary and Welcome Centers starting this Sunday. Will you join us?

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