Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Sermon Series - "I Die Daily"

We're still in 1 Cor 15 and have covered the first 30 verses on the resurrection. This teaching has been a tough one but the Body of Christ at our church has received it well. Just how well is clearly demonstrated in the following email exchange between Kelly and one of our precious prayer warriors. She has been enduring incredible pain and the treatments are not yet over. Yet, through it all, she has kept her focus on Christ and all that He is doing in her life:

Donna: My MRI is scheduled for next Thursday, 2:15 PM!

Kelly: This must seem like an endless journey for you!

Donna: Yes, our lives are an endless journey here on earth while God is growing us! I praise and thank Him for all He does and gives me with His BEST provisions/blessings daily! Please don't feel any "sorrow" for me with this path I am on right now - my pain is NOTHING compared to His blessings on me! What has been revealed to me during this is that God's Word says that Christ/God has already felt every one of our pains before us! I am only "suffering" MY pain - HE TOOK ON EVERYONE'S (physical, emotional and spiritual)!!! That just overwhelms me to think of that!

Kelly: I'll put out a reminder to the group to continue to lift you up (although I don't think anyone has stopped praying).

Donna: Thank You!!! It is truly our gift to one another to be able to pray for each other - that God may be glorified in His work!

We have more than a few folks who are going through similar circumstances. Many of our prayer intercessors are being refined and drawn closer to God. We need to lift them up in prayer as they pray for each of us. Virtually all of them are exhibiting this kind of faith and trust in the Lord. Praise God for what He is doing among us!

Where does this type of faith come from?

We're beginning to zero in on what I think is the key to living a life that is totally centered on and sustained by Jesus Christ. Tomorrow morning we start with 1 Cor 15:31, "I Die Daily - Pt 1".

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