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Sabbatical 2017
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Friday, September 12, 2008

Casey Reece

Casey Reece was a wonderful mother, a devoted wife, a godly woman and was deeply passionate about Jesus Christ and His Gospel. She was constantly reaching out to other people in encouragement and compassion, always ministering by using the Scriptures as her guidelines and barometer. Casey was active throughout the community and her church. She was an accomplished woman, being among the first women to graduate from the United States Naval Academy. She was selfless, humble, articulate and astute in a wide variety of subjects but Casey's primary passion and conviction at all times was for her Lord and her family.

What many people who were close to Casey did not know was that, for the last twelve years, she fought depression.

Depression is largely misunderstood by those who do not suffer from it. Most folks think it's about 'being in a bad mood' or being upset with some person or situation. In reality, it is an illness just like any other but not as visible and frequently without the typical outward symptoms of an illness. Those who are afflicted by it are unable, as some might think, to "….just pull themselves out of it". Medication can help greatly (and is appropriate just as any prescribed medication can be for any other illness) but can be difficult for the sufferer to maintain on a regular basis.

Sometime Wednesday afternoon, embattled by her illness, off of her medications, Casey made the tragic decision to take her own life.

The impact has been devastating on her family and on the community we live in. Many people have questions and many folks are simply hurting. Many of those questions are difficult for anyone to answer, particularly so for those who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. This coming Sunday, we will address many of these questions during our church service.

For now, let us look at what we know:

  • Casey made a strong profession of the Lordship of Christ in her life. She had fruit in her ministry virtually all over the Washington Metro Region. That fruit was the evidence of the indwelling Holy Spirit in her. There can be no doubt that Casey's profession of faith was sincere and genuine. The Bible promises that those who make this profession will have eternal life (Romans 10:8-10). Casey is in heaven, standing before a loving Father whose grace is sufficient for all of us (2 Cor 12:9).
  • Casey was a wonderful creation of our Father's hand (Psalm 139:14-16)
  • Even though her loss is tragic and the grief of her loved ones is real, God is already using this painful series of events to minister in and through Rick, Erin and Patrick. Their faith in their God and their transparency has been deeply moving to the body of Christ and, more importantly, to those around them as they see God's strength pour through this family in their weakness and sorrow (2 Cor 12:10). At every turn, they have given glory to God and acknowledged His love and wisdom. This alone is evidence of the presence of the great comforter, the Holy Spirit, in this family's life. His comfort and strength does not deliver us from affliction, it ushers us through it ( 2 Cor 4:7-9).

May our Lord and Savior continue to bless this family with His rest, strength and comfort. May the God of all creation continue to shine His light into dark places. May the hearts of men and women be touched and changed eternally by what He does in and through the Reece family. May His perfect plan for each of our lives continue to manifest itself in a manner that honors and glorifies Him in every way.

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  1. I am the mother of 2 daughters who attend the Naval Academy; I saw Mrs. Reece's obituary in the Shipmate monthly magazine of Dec. 2008.

    I was moved by the wording in her obituary that spoke of her love for the Lord and her church. I found your church's website and then searched through your blog to see if I could learn more about this woman.

    Thank you for lovingly documenting the wonderful faith of her family through such tragic circumstances. My prayers are with them.