Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Top Sail Island

Here's where we will live for the next two weeks! The condo is fabulour and decorated in Kelly's favorite colors!We both agree that this is the nicest vacation condo we've ever been in! God is good!

Here's a short tour:

The view to the East and the Atlantic Ocean (the big water not the small one.)

The view to the West and the Inland Waterway

Although we are not yet kings in the Pauline fashion, God has granted that we may sleep like one.

There are bunk beds along the hallway

The kitchen is very nicely equipped with granite counters and upscale appliances, not that we intend to cook or anything like that. This kitchen will look exactly the same on the day we leave here ;)

Comfy living area with a great view

Our communications center, complete with dual computer stations and Wi-Fi so Kelly and I can email and text each other while we surf the internet together.

The other side of the kitchen, looking into the 'Off Limits and Forbidden' zone. (Just kidding, we will actually eat while we are here.)

What do you do while you're at Top Sail? Every condo comes with a set of instructions on how to spend your time.....

Sunglasses and a book....all the beach equipment we need!

More of the excellent decor

Emergency beach rescue equipment in case we need them.

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  1. So many books to choose from! Should I finish "Free to Soar"? Nah! Should I start "One with a Shepherd"; John did buy it for me...nah! Piper - always! Well, maybe not this book on suffering. I feel like I've just finished that season. Ahhh...Essential Songwriting...a funny, fluffy look at the practical side of songwriting that can be cast aside at a moment's notice. And I'll choose "Engaging With God" for my heavy read, especially since I asked John to buy it for me at the last conference we went to! OK, that's the plan for now. Gotta go...gotta read! Hope you all are receiving rest and refreshing from our Father too. Smiles to all!