Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Angels Among Us - Mike Webb Update

I just got this update from Mike:

Hello everyone, I just wanted to update you on my travel progress. I just arrived in Amman, Jordan. I had a very successful trip in Kabul, Afghanistan. I visited our Air Serv International mission, met with all our members and the national staff. I also had the blessing of meeting with our PacTec family and seeing all our missionary friends that JoAnne and I served with when we were there. I visited a small “like minded” school that teaches deaf Afghan girls how to learn sign language. My good friend “Oksana” teaches there and is also showing them hair and beauty skills.

I attended Friday church in Kabul. It was great after being gone for a year and a half, to see the multi-national ex-patriots arrive from all over the city to worship together. If you’ve never been in the same room, with so many languages, so many cultures, so many bible translations- well let me tell you, it was great! And, they were all worshiping the same God. I estimate there were 200 people packed into several adjoining rooms of an old school house. The original church was burnt down by an anti-Christian group several years ago. The preacher was Irish and the message was “there is freedom in forgiveness”. Mat 5: 43-48 We had Korean leaders in the service who gave us an update on their hostage situation you’ve been watching in the media. The Korean embassy has recalled all their people and they are packing to leave the country. Please keep them in your prayers.

The pictures below include: Afghan Staff/ KFC downtown Amman, Jordan/ Roman amphitheater/ Jordanian headwear/ Mosque.

Tomorrow, I travel with the Jordan Staff- they are going to show me Mount Nebo (the mountain where God showed Moses the Promised Land Dt. 32:49-50, with views over Israel and Palestine). Visit a church of the mosaic in Madaba, and then to Bethany at the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized. We will also look at the Dead Sea. I am so excited!!

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Eph 6:10

Mike Webb

Mike with Afghan National Staff

Even in Amman, Jordan

Roman Amphitheater- 2000 years old

Jordanian Headdress

Islamic Mosque (95% Muslim Population)

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