Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Kentucky Missions Team Is Off!

I was at the church this morning to see the group off to the Kentucky Mountain Missions Camp. I can't tell you how moving it was to see our kids so excited about a missions trip! And the adults! Each of the chaperones taking a week of their time to walk alongside our Youth Group for the glory of God!
I took my camera along so I could share the moment with you. Here are some of the pictures;

Everyone got there EARLY - 7 AM

At first, it looked like we were going to have to do some radical packing in order to fit everyone in.

Mike, "I think they should go down RT 29.
Bob, "I can't hear you, I have a Borg implant in my ear!"

"I knew this would happen. Now there's no room left for me!"

Hanna, "I can't believe I'm going to Kentucky!"
Carolyn, "I can't believe she's going to Kentucky!"

The Middletons, Road Warriors!

The belles of the highway!

Rockin out before liftoff!


Our Youth Group 2007 Missions Team

Team with chaperones

Jeff, "I think you should go down 211."
Gordon, "You know Jeff...I'm glad you're not driving."

Well, they got off on time except some went this way.....

And some went that way!

In any event, most of them had maps, walkie talkies and cell phones. Many of them knew where Kentucky was and all were confident that God would get them there and back!

Let's pray for them while they're gone and pray them back home safely next Friday!

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