Thursday, May 16, 2019

Daily Bread for Jul 11, Psa 140-145

Today’s readings are Psa 140-145.

Psa 140 - Lament (David prays for God's protection)
Psa 141 - Lament (David prays for God's sanctification)
Psa 142 - Lament (David prays for God's help)

Psalm 142 is labeled a "Maskil" of David. We don't have a clear definition of this word. Some think it may be a liturgical label, denoting a song or poem of wisdom and understanding to a certain situation. Some think it may be a musical label, giving the singers a sense of speed and timing. It is most probably a combination of the two, like the way we might label a dirge or a requiem.

Notice David's distress, his sense of being unsettled and unsure. Also, notice, he keeps turning back to the Lord, stating his trust in Him, even though he fears his situation and the people around him. This is one of the great lessons David teaches us. Even when it seems the situation is about to overwhelm him, David trusts in the Lord, enough to pause, meditate and record his thoughts. This is not merely a passing "Yes, I know the Lord is still good." This is a serious meditation on the goodness of God at a time when it would be far easier to be consumed with the circumstances.  

Psa 143 - Lament (David prays for God's deliverance)
Psa 144 - Imprecatory (David prays for God's victory)
Psa 145 - Praise (David extols God's goodness)

Note the progression from 143-145. In Psalm 143, David cries out to God to quench the thirst of his soul. In Psalm 144, he confesses that God is his only foundation. In Psalm 145, David sings to the glory of God.

David's life is certainly not a testimony to getting it right nor of being problem free. However, it is a wonderful example of how to handle our stumbles, failures and blatant sins. David never fails to humble himself before the Lord asking for forgiveness and mercy. He knows without God's grace, he is doomed.

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