Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Daily Bread for Aug 11, Isa 64-66

Today's readings are Isa 64-66.

In Isa 63, we saw the Conqueror. He arrives in blood-soaked garments, wreaking vengeance on those who reject Him and redeeming those who are His (Isa 64).

Isaiah makes it succinct in 
Isa 65 that no one has earned God's mercy. Anyone being saved is done so solely by His grace, by Him revealing Himself to them, not by them seeking Him. It is He who enables them to come to Him despite their disobedience. There are no seekers, only those to whom God has revealed Himself (Isa 65:1-2). 

Isa 66 tells us God will redeem those who are humble and contrite in spirit.  He will bring them into a new creation with joy and celebration while those who rebel against Him will be eternally punished.

So, the story arc of Isaiah is about a king who becomes a servant who becomes a conqueror.  It involves a nation that becomes manifest in one person. That person will eventually be revealed as Jesus Christ, who will, on the cross, be the only righteous one (Isa 63:3-6) who suffers for the sins of those who believe. HIs suffering will lead to victory over all sin and death. The King who humbles Himself supremely and serves will become the One who conquers.

Isaiah is a pivotal book in the Bible. It reveals, sometimes in shadow and shading, God's plan of redemption, how He will rescue His people and bring them home for all eternity. Isaiah lays the groundwork for the incarnation.

Herein lies the benefit of reading the Scriptures to learn about God instead of ourselves. We get the big picture. We see the uncompromising holiness and purity of God. We see our own inability to measure up to that holiness and purity. We read about God’s plan to redeem those who are unworthy of being redeemed and see that we are among them. We begin to understand that grace is truly unmerited favor which drives us to our knees in eternal appreciation of the work of our King/Servant/Conqueror.

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