Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Daily Bread for Jun 14, Psa 1-8

Today's readings are Psa 1-8.

Psalms is a beloved series of poems, hymns, prayers, and songs. There is a total of 150. However, rather than being an unrelated assortment of sonnets, there is divinely inspired organization and flow to the whole collection. They are arranged in five volumes (books), each of them echoing both a book of the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Bible) or an era of King David's life and career. Each volume ends with the phrase "Blessed be the God of Israel." Likewise, the last Psalm in each volume is either Davidic or exile-related. 

   Psa 1-2 -intro       
   Psa 3-41                Genesis            The King's struggle
   Psa 42-72              Exodus             The King on the throne
   Psa 73-89              Leviticus           The King in exile
   Psa 90-106            Numbers           The King returns
   Psa 107-148          Deuteronomy    The King exalted
   Psa 149-150 - worship

There are other interpretations of what the volumes symbolize, but these two are the most sensible. Upon examining the various credible descriptions, they all portray the same primary themes, and all can be related to the life and ministry of David. When we understand David to be a typological Christ, the Psalms become a representation of His arrival in the flesh, the acknowledgment of the crowds, His rejection, His rising from the grave and His ascension to the right hand of God. 

There are a variety of types of Psalms. The major categories are:

   Lament - a mournful individual or corporate prayer 
   Imprecatory - a prayer for judgment on God's enemies 
   Hymns of Praise - individual & corporate 
   Messianic/Royal - activities/possibilities of the king 
   Thanksgiving - individual/corporate 
   Wisdom - instructional 
   Liturgical - antiphonal questions, answers, and responses

It helps to know what type of Psalm is being read. But it also helps to know that the Psalms are related to one another. This makes paying attention to the Psalms in the context of what comes before and after each of them an essential part of understanding the entire book. 

Daily readings will be posted, but comments on the individual Psalms will be sporadic. Be encouraged to read the Psalms slowly, enjoy the poetry, savor them and examine them for continuity and flow, keeping in mind they will each reveal something about the life of Christ.

Here are the types of Psalms in our readings today:

   Psa 1 - Wisdom
   Psa 2 - Royal
   Psa 3 to 6 - Laments
   Psa 7 - Imprecatory
    Psa 8 - Thanksgiving

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