Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Canonical Reading Plan for Aug 3, Isa 28-30

Today's readings are Isa 28-30.

Isa 28 begins with the warning of Israel's (Samaria's, the Northern Kingdom’s) impending downfall due to their pride. This doubles as a warning to Judah whose religious leaders have made an alliance with someone other than God and have placed their trust in that alliance.

Ariel is mentioned in Isa 29. This is an allusion to Jerusalem. God cautions the holy city against their religious apathy, insensitivity, and hypocrisy. Like Israel, they are unwilling to trust completely in God. Rather, they have tied their destiny to a worldly nation, Egypt.

Isa 30 amplifies those warnings against allying with Egypt. Deliverance (in this case from the threat of the Assyrians who have invaded Israel to the north) will come only through repentance and faith. If Judah continues to be stubborn, it will only bring defeat and humiliation.

If Judah repents and cries out to God, notice the promise they are given. This crying out is a desperate plea for help. It is a turning to God and a total trust in Him for deliverance. If Judah's does that, they will be restored. All the warnings about foreign nations and pride are designed to draw Judah back to God.

These are stunning lessons in learning to trust God over our circumstances. When we begin to rely on worldly means and measures, or even ourselves, to provide for us or to protect us, all we really do is remove ourselves from God's provision and protection. In every case, the world will bring only defeat, disappointment and humiliation. Our trust in God will bring eternal peace.

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