Daily Bible Reading

Daily Bible Reading
Valley of Ellah, where David fought Goliath

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Canonical Reading Plan for Jul 8, Psa 120-125

Today’s readings are Psa 120-125.

Psa 120 - Pilgrimage/Lament (Prayer for the Lord's deliverance)
Psa 121 - Pilgrimage/Praise (Praise for the Lord's help)
Psa 122 - Pilgrimage (Prayer for peace of Jerusalem)
Psa 123 - Pilgrimage/Lament (Prayer for the Lord's help)
Psa 124 - Pilgrimage/Thanksgiving (Praise for the Lord's rescue)
Psa 125 - Pilgrimage (Prayer for the Lord's goodness) 

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