Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Canonical Reading Plan for Jul 30, Isa 9-12

Today’s readings are Isa 9-12.

Isa 9 and the first four verses of Isa 10 echo the prophecies regarding a deliverer and the rapidly approaching judgment on Israel uttered by Amos in The Book of Amos. Notice God sends two prophets saying virtually the same thing about Israel. His grace is evident in that Israel is given every chance to repent and turn from their ways. They will have no excuse when the wrath of God descends on them. 

Beginning with Isa 10:5, we hear about the coming doom of Assyria, a nation that not only rejects God but oppresses Israel. God will not condone mistreatment of his children. Sooner or later those who do will pay. Again, we see the promise that God will preserve a remnant and bring them back to Jerusalem. Why? Because He is good for His promises even when His people betray theirs. God's promises are anchored in who He is, not in who His people are.  

The rest of Isa 11 and Isa 12 are prophecies concerning the reuniting of the kingdoms and the return of the people to Judah. 

These chapters are essential to our understanding of God's faithfulness. History tells us all these prophecies came to be, down to the finest detail. They prepare us for the prophecies about the future establishment of God's kingdom that come in the following chapters of Isaiah. If the prophecies about Israel and Judah were so accurate, we can be assured the prophecies about events to come will be accurate as well.

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