Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Canonical Reading Plan for May 8, 1 Chr 22-24

Today's readings are 1 Chr 22-24.

1 Chr 22 reveals David’s plans to build a house for God. Denied the opportunity to do so and going on God’s promise that David’s son, Solomon, will live in peace and build the temple, David relates the Lord’s will to Solomon and give the boy his blessing. David focuses his time and resources in getting everything prepared for Solomon. Once again, we see David’s heart for God, moving freely in His will rather than lamenting his disappointment. 

David begins making preparations for the Temple to be built and the priesthood to continue after his death. He organizes the Levite in 1 Chr 23, they will be the workers and caretakers in the temple, serving and taking care of the priests.

The priests are assembled and given assignments in 1 Chr 24.

Far from being just a tedious list of names, these chapters have valuable lessons for the church today.
Notice the high degree of detail and the specific responsibilities of each man, family, clan, and tribe. This depth of organization tells us that God's affairs in the world are done in order and with great cooperation and harmony among His people. In David’s case, this harmony is the fruit of the leadership of a godly man. As his people move in unity, God is honored and glorified.

The circumstances are similar in God’s church today. For things to function properly, everyone has a place, everyone has a job, and everyone works with everyone else. This will eventually become a foundational value for the church. Each member of the church has a role to play in the church, just as each son of Aaron and every Levite had a role to play in the ministry in Israel. All have a gift to bring or a service to render. The unity of the church reflects its union with Christ and His union with the Father providing testimony to the world of His goodness and love. The church is a closely-knit community that is a reflection of God to a fallen world. If it allows itself to fall into bickering and quarreling, it not only becomes a poor representation of God to those around it, it denies the oneness of its union in Christ.

With this in mind, it becomes the duty of each member to avoid petty arguments, jealous bickering, self-righteousness and a host of worldly characteristics and behavior. As each of us, as members of the true church, strive to imitate Christ, out unity is the evidence of God among us just as surely as the temple was evidence of Him among His people in Israel. 

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