Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Monday, May 1, 2017

Canonical Reading Plan for May 2, 1 Chr 6

Today's reading is 1 Chr 6.

Throughout 1 Chr 6:1-53, we see a high-priestly genealogy, starting with Aaron and the Levites. Symbolically, the chapter summarizing these genealogies is situated in the middle of the chapters covering the genealogies in much the same manner the Levites and priests were placed at the center of the camp during Israel’s wilderness wanderings. We see a continuous line of High Priests (1 Chr 6:1-15), a lineage of worship leaders (1 Chr 6:31-48) and we see the cities in which they dwelt (1 Chr 6:54-81). The Chronicler intends for his readers to see that the priests and ministers were the focus and center of the family of God. In other words, God’s people exist to proclaim His word (the priests) and worship Him (the Levites). This lends significance and meaning to the promise we hear in 1 Pet 2:9, that His people are a “chosen race, a royal priesthood.” They are a people created and chosen by God to proclaim His word and worship Him.

As we saw in Jos 21, the Levites were scattered throughout the Promised Land, some given to each tribe.

So far, we've seen God's provision for a king of Israel. Now we see the same for priests and worship leaders as well. None of those offices nor their lineages were broken, even during hardship and captivity. This is another lesson about God; He intends for His people to worship Him and will enable them to do so.

God is preparing the way for the One who would be King and High Priest! Through these lineages, Israel will be reminded of God's sovereign plan for them as His chosen people.  Likewise, we, as believers, are reminded that He reigns over all the events in history, using them to accomplish His purposes. 

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