Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Canonical Reading Plan for Apr 14, 1 Kgs 6-7

Today's readings are 1 Kgs 6-7

In 1 Kgs 6, the temple is built, it is huge (about 90 ft long and 30 ft wide) and beautiful. Many of the details concerning the temple are fascinating:

It is built on Mount Moriah on the “threshing floor of Araunah (Ornan)” (2 Ch 3:1) Purchased by David (1 Sam 24:24) as a place of sacrifice, God spoke to David there. It is also where Abraham nearly sacrificed Isaac (Gen 22:2).
  • It is twice the size of the tabernacle.
  • It is erected on a rocky platform just to the north and above the City of David. The temple, like God, was “high and lifted up.”
  • Because of its location outside the city, it was not a repurposed chapel or altar to some other god. The site was wholly devoted to the worship of the one true God. 

1 Kgs 7 details the construction of the royal palace which encompasses the king's house, the Hall of Pillars, the Hall of the Throne, and another house for Pharaoh’s daughter, whom Solomon had married. Solomon's house is almost twice as large as the Temple and takes nearly twice the time to build. It adjoins the Temple and is intended to demonstrate the close relationship the king is to have with God. 

Not much is known about these structures. They would have been built mainly out of necessity, to some degree. However, it remains a questionable decision to make them so large and so ornate. It demonstrates that Solomon, while remaining a godly and wise man continues to make decisions that are iffy, at best.

We are witnessing Solomon's slow but gradual slide away from his Father in heaven. Most of his falling away begins with good works and intentions that are not accompanied by any sign of prayer. Like his father, Solomon gets in trouble when he fails to pray and seek the Lord. This should encourage us to examine ourselves carefully, allowing the Holy Spirit to keep us on the straight and narrow.

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