Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Canonical Reading Plan for Feb 8, Lev 22-23

Today's readings are Lev 22-23.

Lev 22:1-3 shows us that Aaron’s offspring (descendants) are subject to the same guidelines for ritual cleanliness that he is. They are also subject to the same cautions against physical impurity as everyone else (Lev 22:4-10). This shows the Jews that membership in the priesthood does not automatically make a priest righteous or holy. Even the priests can become tainted just like everyone else. In order to be eligible to eat the holy food, they must be ceremonially cleansed.

Those who live in the household of the priest may eat of the holy offerings set aside for the priest (Lev 22:10-16). In this provision, we see that the community supports not just the priest, but his immediate family, as the priest devotes his time and resources to ministering to and on behalf of the community. God is establishing a system that allows the priesthood to concentrate and maintain their focus on their duties in the tabernacle as they will later on in the temple. This sets the template for how the modern church will function. 

Lev 22:17-30 tells us that the sacrifices the priest offers up in order to atone for the sins of the people must be perfect and without blemish. Upon a close examination, no flaw is to be found. Only a perfect sacrifice will do the work God designs it to do.

Lev 23 lists the feasts. Here's a chart that gives the details. Each feast points back to a blessing God provided, reminds those in the present of His grace and points forward to the promise of fulfillment. Note: some of the feasts shown on the chart (Hannukah, Purim) were instituted long after the time Leviticus was written. 

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