Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Oct 10, Mt 9, Lk 7

Today's readings are Mt 9 and Lk 7. Tomorrow's is Mt 11.

In Mt 9, Jesus calls Matthew, the writer of our gospel. Notice the progression, He heals many who appear to be "unworthy", heals on the Sabbath, both creating tension with the Pharisees. Then he calls a tax collector to be one of His disciples. Tax collectors were considered extremely unsavory as they collaborated with the Romans and took advantage of the people. They were perceived as sinners and traitors.

Not only is Jesus touching the diseased and unclean, now He is traveling and living with them! Far from avoiding them, He begins teaching that these are the very people He came to help and save.

He is not here to save those who think they are so righteous they have no need to be saved. The reality is that those who feel they are already righteous only want Jesus to give them what they feel they expect and deserve, victory and a better, more comfortable life. They're not interested in being forgiven for their sins, they believe they have none. Meanwhile they point their fingers and judge those around them, the ultimate expression of pride and arrogance.

Things amp up in Lk 7 with more healings and, now, a resurrection! Jesus is revealing the full extent of His power and authority and it far eclipses anything anyone has ever seen. He forgives a known prostitute, further antagonizing the leaders.

Christ simply does not conform to anyone’s idea of who He should be or what he should do. Christ is God in the flesh. He will define Himself and will operate according to His will, not that of any man or woman. The irony is that Jesus will not only define Himself, He will define those who try to define Him. He is the measure of all people ever created. Those who are in Him are one with Him. Those who reject Him are doomed forever.

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