The Seine River running through Paris

The Seine River running through Paris

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Sep 15, Dan 10-12

Today's readings are Dan10-12. Tomorrow's are Ezra 1-3. 

In Dan 10-11 and the beginning of 12, Daniel is visited by an angel who relates future events. Many attempts to interpret these prophecies have been made, some valid, some not so much. Here are some of the mainstream ideas set forth by reputable Bible scholars.

Dan 10 describes Daniel's vision of an angelic being who brings a message while on his way to battle the "prince of Persia." The text is not clear as to who this may be or whether it is for Daniel's time or some time in the future. What is important about this chapter, though, is how it sets the stage for the prophecies that follow, all of which demonstrate the sovereign authority of God over time and nations.

Dan 11:2-35 seems to be prophetic for the immediate future of Israel during Daniel's time, detailing a series of kings and kingdoms leading up to the Maccabee's revolt around 170 BC.

Dan 11:36-45 is, most likely, prophecy that has yet to be fulfilled.

Dan 12:1-4 indicates a troubled time for Israel with Michael intervening on their behalf, most likely at some time in the future.

Daniel's final vision is relayed in 12:4-13. The revelation is to be sealed up. It involves a series of days that are difficult to decipher and interpret. We may not know their exact meaning presently. Yet, many will get caught up in trying to decipher the dates and the math while missing the primary lesson of Daniel. Daniel's book is a solid testimony to the sovereignty of God over all things in creation. He sits in power and authority over all nations, all kings, all leaders and all events in history. 

We can trust Daniel's writings because of the incredible accuracy of the prophecies concerning his immediate future. Looking back on history, we can see that God foretold certain events in what can only be explained as supernatural detail.

This would be the travesty of relegating all of Daniel's visions to the end-times. We would miss the credibility God establishes in Daniel. God's intention is not to fascinate us with the future and cause all manner of debate over what it holds, but to demonstrate His absolute sovereign authority over ever detail of the past, present and future.

The beauty of all this is how it directly applies to His children. God has the same power and authority over our lives, preserving us, protecting us, refining us and drawing us constantly toward Himself. If we read Daniel with this in mind, rather than creating debate and doubt over number of weeks and days, we should feel the comfort and security of knowing God has us firmly in His grasp and has laid out an undeniable and fully-assured future for us. 

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