Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Pont Aven, France

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Aug 5, Zeph 1-3.

Today's readings are Zephaniah 1-3. Tomorrow's are Jeremiah 1-3. 

Yesterday, we read about King Josiah and the reforms he brought to Judah. Zephaniah prophesied during Josiah's reign, from 640 BC to 609 BC. 

Zephaniah's prophecy alternates between being an end-times prophecy, when the whole world will be judged and a prophecy against Judah, who has been spared by Josiah's godly leadership, but only for the time being. 

The big picture Zephaniah paints is one of the "Day of the Lord", a time when His wrath will be poured out upon all nations including Israel, who will be punished for their sin. But for Israel, they will be regathered. The pouring out of God's wrath will accomplish, in part, the final deliverance of Israel from its pagan enemies, purifying it of its sin at the same time. 

God has already set a time when the proud will be swept away, the corrupt will be punished and all ungodly people will meet their doom. In that day, those who truly seek the Lord will be delivered and will rejoice. With this in mind, our eyes, as believers, should be set on Christ and our final destination. It would be easy to look around us, see how the world appears to prosper and how evil people seem to get ahead, and be tempted to adopt their ways. We should never forget that the prosperity and comforts of those who reject God are temporary and will not be of any help when the day of judgment comes.  

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