Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Aug 18, 2 Kings 24-25, 2 Chron 36

Today's readings are 2 Kings 24-25 and 2 Chron 36. Tomorrow's are Hab 1-3. 

By now, it is clear that both books of Kings and both of Chronicles span most of the Old Testament time period from the time of David through the end of the 5th Century BC, which is the beginning of a period known as the “400 years of silence” when there were no prophetic utterances between the end of the Old Testament and the Beginning of the New Testament.

In 2 Kings 24, we see how Zedekiah came to be king after Nebuchadnezzar first came against the city and captured many but was unsuccessful at taking the city. This was not yet the siege that was coming and would bring near total devastation to Jerusalem. That is described in detail after Zedekiah, who was set up as king by Nebuchadnezzar, rebels against him. The siege lasts over two years. Jerusalem is destroyed and the Temple is burned. Evil king Jehoiakim, Zedekiah's predecessor, put in place by Pharaoh, then captured by the Babylonians, is befriended by Nebuchadnezzar and lives in luxury. Meanwhile, Zedekiah, who was originally in league with Nebuchadnezzar, suffers at his hand.

Judah declines rapidly, The Jews are carried away into exile and are in Babylon for seventy years. Then, as was prophesied, the Persians defeat Babylon and the Chaldeans. Babylon defeated Assyria nearly destroying Egypt in the meantime. The Persians decimated Babylon. All of the nations who opposed the Jews have fallen under God’s judgment.

King Cyrus of Persia allows the Jews to return to Jerusalem, at exactly the time God said it would happen, seventy years after being taken captive. Not all the Jews will return, though. Some have made homes and lives where they were taken. It will be interesting to see how God uses some of those who remain like Esther.  

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