Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Pont Aven, France

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Aug 16, Jer 35-37.

Today's readings are Jer 35-37. Tomorrow's are Jer 38-40, Psalms 74, 79. 

Here's a timeline to help put things in perspective:

We see the Recabites again in ch 35, descendants of Jonadab, who lived nearly 200 years prior (2 Kings 10:15-23)  and gave his descendants the charge to avoid wine and lead holy lives. They have been faithful to their father's commands and God uses them as object lessons for those who obey. They will be blessed. They stand in stark contrast to Judah and Jerusalem. 

God instructs Jeremiah to write his prophecies down and give them to the king, in Jer 36. At first, it seems Jeremiah will finally meet with some success. But the king destroys the scrolls. 

This is a lesson in the enduring nature of God's word. The king hears God's word and tries to destroy it. God preserves it and continues to make it heard. Those who reject it are still subject to it. Trying to destroy it or trying to ignore it does not exempt them from the consequences and judgment it prophesies. 

We see in Jer 37 that neither the king nor his servants nor the people of the land listened or obeyed. Jeremiah is unjustly thrown in prison by the new king, Zedekiah, who also shows him some mercy. 

So far, Jeremiah has done everything the Lord has asked him to do. All he seems to get for it is more pain and suffering. Still, he remains faithful. Why? Remember God has instructed Jeremiah to buy land. This is a promise that Jeremiah has a future and will be blessed by God regardless of what his situation appears to be. Jeremiah has consciously decided to put more faith and trust in God than he does in his circumstances. It's a lesson we would do well to take note of. 

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