Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for July 31, Isaiah 63-66.

Today's readings are Isaiah 63-66. Tomorrow's are 2 Kings 20-21. 

We see in Isaiah 63, the conqueror. God does this alone and by His own hand (Is 63:3), coming in blood soaked garments, wreaking vengeance on those who reject Him and redeeming those who are His (Is 64). 

Isaiah makes it clear in Is 65 that no one has earned God's mercy. Anyone being saved is done so solely by His grace, by Him revealing Himself to them, not by them seeking Him. It is He who enables them to come to Him (Is 65:1-2) in spite of their disobedience. 

God will judge the wicked and save the faithful. This is the theme of Is 65. He does it all by His grace and His faithfulness. 

Is 66 tells us God will redeem those who are humble and contrite in spirit.  He will bring them into a new creation with joy and celebration while those who rebel against Him will be eternally punished. 

So the story arc of Isaiah is about a king who becomes a servant who becomes a conqueror.  It involves a nation that becomes manifest in one person. That person will be revealed to be Jesus Christ, who will, on the cross, be the only righteous one (Is 63:3-6) who will suffer for the sins of those who believe. That suffering will lead to victory over all sin and death. The King who humbles Himself supremely and serves will become the One who conquers. 

Isiah is a pivotal book in the Bible. It reveals, sometimes in shadow and shading, God's plan of redemption, how He will rescue His people and bring them home for all eternity. Isaiah lays the groundwork for the incarnation. We can see this only if we are willing to read the Scriptures to see how God reveals Himself through them rather than thinking they are about us, only if we read to see what's in there about God instead of what's in there for me. 

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