Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for July 24, Isaiah 37-39, Psalm 76

Today's readings are Isaiah 37-39, Psalm 76. Tomorrow's are Isaiah 40-43. 

The chapters leading up to Isaiah 40 are not in chronological order. Chs 36-37 actually happen after the events described in chs 38 & 39.  

In any event, we see why Judah is spared while Israel has been taken into captivity by the Assyrians. The Assyrians first threaten then lay siege to Jerusalem. Hezekiah turns to God for help and counsel, unlike other kings who turned to neighboring nations. God delivers Jerusalem miraculously. 

Once again, we see the sovereign and powerful hand of God moving against those who would mock or marginalize Him, an encouragement to us today as we watch many in our culture minimize the one true God. 

Hezekiah gets gravely ill and is near death in Isaiah 38. The Lord grants Him another 15 years of life. Even Hezekiah's healing is prophetic. It is a sign from God to Judah that they will nearly die but be delivered by a gracious God. 

Life is good but there's trouble on the horizon! Hezekiah, as godly as he is, still has human faults and frailty.  Envoys come from Babylon, looking to form an alliance against the Assyrians and to pay tribute to Hezekiah, who naively puts the riches of the kingdom on display to a fierce and warring nation. This is a bad idea and Isaiah tells Hezekiah that the Babylonians will return and take the kingdom captive.

We have to be careful not to get prideful or complacent when God blesses us. All we have and all we are, are gifts of God's grace. If we are to boast in anything, it should be in Christ alone.  

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