Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for July 15, Isaiah 13-17

Today's readings are Isaiah 13-17. Tomorrow's are Isaiah 18-22. 

In the previous chapters, we read that there will one day be peace in Israel. Here we read that, in order for that to happen, we hear through a series of oracles, that Israel's enemies will be subdued by the Lord. All of them will be defeated; Aram (Syria) by the Assyrians, the same ones that will conquer the Northern Kingdom, The Philistines, Moab, Assyria by the Babylonians, Babylon by the Medes (Persians).

This is intended to be an encouragement but it is one that encourages the faithful to persevere. It is not necessarily a guarantee of easy and abundant lives while God is defeating the enemies. Indeed, God will use Israel's enemies to refine them and purge godless living form among them. Notice what it does not say. It does not imply that there will be no hardship or suffering for Israel, only that their hardship and suffering would come to an end. 

As believers, we should be careful about "claiming victory" without having a full understanding of what or where the battle is. Some can be quick to attribute much of their struggle to "the enemy". As it was for Israel, so it is for many of us. The real struggle is within ourselves and involves staying true to Him and His word. 

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