Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for July 13, Micah 1-7

Today's readings are Micah 1-7. Tomorrow's are 2 Chron 28, 2 Kings 16-17.

Micah prophesies in Judah between 747 BC and 698 BC. He speaks against both kingdoms, calling Israel Samaria and the combined kingdoms either Israel or Jacob, describing the fall of Israel (Samaria) in 722, in MIcah 1. 

He distinguishes Jerusalem from Judah, recognizing that there was an elite and arrogant privileged class that lived in Jerusalem while the common people lived in the countryside (Judah).

During Micah's time Judah was marked by tremendous economic prosperity. Judah had a robust export business and managed, by God's intervention, to hold off the Assyrians when they attacked Israel. Things seemed to be going well. The Judites were feeling confident and, maybe just a little, superior to the Northern kingdom.

Micah's theme is "Return to the Lord, your God.", a sobering message to a people that seemed to be doing so well. Once again, we see a prophecy of defeat and captivity, then one of redemption but only after we hear that there are some hard lessons to be learned. 

Incidentally, "Micah" means "Who is like the Lord", a foreshadow of Micah 7's crucial question (Mic 7:18).  The assumed answer is, "No one. Not even you, Judah." 

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