Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Chronological Reading For July 3, 2 Kings 9-11

Today's readings are 2 Kings 9-11. Tomorrow's are 2 Kings 12-14. 

Elijah had been told to anoint Jehu (son of Nimshi) as king in 1 Kings 19:16 but failed to do so. Elisha is now commanded to do so. Elisha sends a messenger to do the anointing with a warning to get out as soon as possible afterward. Apparently, as we will see, Jehu can be a little volatile. 

A number of prophecies are fulfilled during Jehu's reign including the one about Jezebel coming to a bad end. God's will nor His plan will be thwarted.

In 2 Kings 10, the prophecies from 1 Kings 21 about Ahab are fulfilled and all of his sons are killed. Jehu, in a sneaky but highly effective manner, wipes out Baal worship but is not thorough in eliminating idol worship by leaving golden calves in Bethel and Dan. Still, Jehu is the recipient of God's grace and is honored in Scripture among the kings of Israel. God is merciful.

In 2 Kings 11, we see the story of Athaliah, the Judean counterpart to Jezebel. She tries to destroy all the descendant of David. But, God has promised David that one of his descendants would always occupy the throne. God makes good on His promise by protecting and preserving Joash. Jehoiada, the priest, not only protects Joash, but he has Atahliah executed along with her followers. Because of the work of Jehoaida and the fact that Joash becomes a godly king, there is peace in Judah.  

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