Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Monday, June 20, 2016

Chronological reading Plan for June 21, Prov 30-31

Today's readings are Proverbs 30-31. Tomorrow's are 1 Kings 12-14. 

Prove 30 deals with godly wisdom and the temptations of the world, a fitting follow up to Solomon’s story.

In Prov 31, we find the “words of King Lemuel” which actually come from his mother (31:1). This is one of a few passages of Scripture that, while not necessarily authored by a woman, contains teachings that are clearly attributed to them (compare Exod 15:21; Judg 5, Luk 1:46 ff ).

Those in authority should not use their power for self-indulgence and depravity (31:2–7). Instead, they should devote themselves to defending the poor and the powerless (31:8–9).

This poem is an acrostic, a poem whose lines start with certain letters that, when viewed separately, form words on their own. This is hard to see in English but is readily apparent in Hebrew. Nonetheless, the poem is powerful. 

The one being praised is a woman, but the audience is a young man The opening question in 31:10 implies that the reader ought to find such a wife for himself. The woman is trustworthy (31:11), industrious (31:13–19), intelligent (31:16, 18), and kind (31:20). She adds dignity to the family (31:23, 25) and has much foresight and prudence (31:21, 26). For all this she is much loved in her family and is the real center of the home (31:27–29). Above all she fears God (31:30). The final verse speaks eloquently against the tendency to regard her role as of inferior significance.

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