Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for June 10, 1 Kings-6, 2 Chron 2-3.

Today's readings are 1 Kings 5-6, 2 Chron 2-3. Tomorrow's are 1 Kings 7, 2 Chron 4. 

In 1 Kings 4, Solomon put his government in place, assigning responsibilities to twelve key men and other officials. That chapters ends with Solomon's vast wealth being documented and Israel at peace on all sides. 

Moving from 1 Kings 4 to Proverbs, we saw a glimpse of why things were going so well. God had given Solomon an incredible gift of wisdom. It wasn't just academic wisdom. But, as we saw in Proverbs, it was a wisdom that was practical in work, speech, relationships and behavior, a wisdom that clearly showed the presence of God in Solomon's life. It also shows us that God's wisdom is not only of spiritual value, but it is wisdom for everyday life as well. 

In 1 Kings 5, Preparations to build the Temple begin. This is a huge moment for Israel, a permanent home for God among His people, tangible evidence, not just of His presence, but of their abundance and blessing. Solomon is blessed with incredible wisdom and favor among the rulers in the region. There is peace under Solomon's rule. 

Still, he drafts 30,000 workers from among the people of Israel, something Samuel warned against (I Sam 8:11-12, 16). He also conscripted another 150,000 that were non-Israelite. 

As the temple is built, it is huge (about 90 ft long and 30 ft wide) and beautiful. 

2 Chronicles looks back on preparations and construction. We hear that the Temple is built on Mt Moriah, the place where Abraham prepared to sacrifice Isaac.God established Jerusalem to be a place of sacrifice ling before it became a city. 

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