Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Monday, March 7, 2016

Chronological reading Plan for Mar 8, Num 33-34

Today's readings are Numbers 33-34. Tomorrow's are Numbers 35-36. 

God reminds Israel of the route they've taken from Egypt. It is also a reminder that He has been with them every step of the way. This will become a record of their travel, giving an historic context to all that has occurred. It is also a reminder of His provision, protection and presence for every step of their journey, a permanent record of His promises and faithfulness. 
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God then gives them preliminary instructions prior to crossing the Jordan and occupying Canaan. They are to completely drive out the current occupants, tearing down all their idols and altars, leaving no remnant of their worldly ways and sinful behavior behind. This guideline will become vitally important. God calls the land an "inheritance". The Land is His. They are His children. He is giving it to them to apportion among themselves.  

All this is a picture of redemption! A new life, a new home, abundant provision, holy living, God has redeemed his people and is now giving them a permanent place to live. 

In ch 34, the map of the Promised Land is drawn. There is precision here. God wants Israel to know exactly which areas need to be cleansed and occupied. Furthermore, we learn that Gods destination for His children is an actual place, a real home not just a concept or ideal.
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Israel is standing on the banks of the Jordan. They can see the Promised Land. God has been faithful and true to His word. There is still work to do. But God has shown, time and again, He will be with them in what He calls them to do, empowering them, ensuring victory. The first generation balked at this. What will happen with this generation? They arrive on those banks a nomadic people with little in the way of worldly wealth. God is promising a lush land and an abundance of blessing.

What will happen to us, as God shows us the same type of faithfulness and empowerment? Can we walk in His promises? Can we do what He calls us to do in order to lead holy lives in His presence? Can we set aside the trappings of the world and walk in His power and peace? Are we willing to obey Him regardless of the circumstances, obstacles and intimidations along the way? There is much to be gained and little to lose. Will we desperately hold on to the little we have and sacrifice the abundant blessings of God in order to avoid moving out of our comfort zones?

Let's see how Israel handles this moment. There is still much to learn about them and about us.  

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