Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
Arc de Triumph

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Mar 21, Deut 32-34, Psalms 91

Today's readings are Deut 32-34 and Psalms 91. Tomorrow's are Josh 1-4.

Moses' song is related in Deut 32. It is a history of the Jewish people. It speaks of God's greatness (Deut 32:1-4) in spite of the wickedness of His children (Deut 32:5-6). They were created by Him and redeemed by Him, then preserved by Him (Deut 32:6-14). As it has in the past, rebellion will always bring consequences (Deut 32:19-38).

The song is a reminder of the goodness and grace of God. It is not an exclusively Jewish reminder, though. It applies to all who believe and are part of God's family.

In a poignant episode, Moses is called to Mount Nebo to see into the promised land, but not enter it. In a sobering display of God's sovereign authority over all things, Moses is told, prior to ascending the mountain, that he will die there. 

In Deut 33-34, he does exactly that. After pronouncing a final blessing for each of the tribes, in spite of being described as having unabated vigor and an undimmed eye, Moses dies (Deut 34:7). Joshua assumes leadership and Moses is buried in Moab. Even in death, God's word remains true, Moses never enters Canaan. 

Thus ends a major epoch in Hebrew history. God's people started out in Canaan, sojourned to Egypt where they became slaves, and were delivered out of Egypt by God and brought back into Canaan. 

It is a parallel of the story of mankind who started out in the garden, fell slaves to sin and were ejected from the Garden and God's presence. God promises to deliver them out of sin back into the presence of God. The story of the Jews, so far, proves God can and will do what He promises. 

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