The Seine River running through Paris

The Seine River running through Paris

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chronological Reading Plan for Mar 18, Deut 24-27

Today's readings are Deut 24-27. Tomorrow's are Deut 28-29.

The covenant God has with His people calls for them to live according to a higher moral standard than those around them as a reflection of His presence in their lives. As such, we see guidelines in Deut 24 for marriage and divorce, lending, abduction, contagious diseases, how to minister to the poor, weak and homeless. There are also guidelines for personal responsibility and accountability. 

Deut 25 deals with civil justice in the areas of widows, women who misrepresent themselves as virgins, accurate weights and measure, the care of animals. All these guidelines are intended to display godly attributes among His people. Justice extends to the enemies of God and His people as well.  Unlike His people, His enemies will one day be destroyed. 

Worship as an expression of thanks is directed in Deut 26:1-11. God's children have the things they have, including victory over their enemies, by the power and grace of God. They are commanded to show their gratefulness in their offerings and sacrifices. Some of these will become annual feasts and celebrations as reminder of God's goodness and provision. Moses calls for Israel to make these offerings and sacrifices with a right heart and attitude (Deut 26:16). 

Just prior to crossing over into Canaan, a long and foreboding series of curses are pronounced in Deut 27 should the Hebrews fail to obey God's word. 

There are consequences for disobedience among God's people. 

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