Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coming Home - We Have Been Visited By Angels!

Kelly and I arrived back home this evening, after a 7 hour drive. We've been gone for three weeks, one in New Orleans at the EFCA National Convention then two at Topsail Island in North Carolina for our vacation. We're not usually gone that long but our schedules were a little wonky this year, forcing our vacation to begin right after the conference. 

Coming back home is always sweet. Today, our homecoming was sweet...and emotional. 

Kelly went shopping for groceries while I headed for the house to unload the car. As I pulled into our driveway and greeted our dog, Goldie, and approached the front door, I noticed I was walking upon fresh pea gravel. I thought, "I don't remember putting fresh pea gravel down!" I turned to look back down the front walk and noticed our shrubs had been trimmed and the flower beds had been mulched. 

That was just the beginning. 

I walked around for about a half hour, astonished at the work that had been done around our house! Planters had plants and flowers, our deck had been pressure washed and stained, trash had been removed, leaves cleaned out, furniture cleaned and nicely was overwhelming!

Once Kelly got home, we walked around the house together. She began noticing things I had not seen! An absolutely incredible amount of work has been done while we were away. Trees were trimmed, the yard was cleaned and...a tree that was certainly going to be a problem somewhere down the road had been completely removed! We are completely blown away. 

We ate dinner on the deck, awestruck, humbled and extremely grateful for the beautiful gesture of love and care given us. What a magnificent gift of grace! We left a yard that was a shambles and came back to House Beautiful/Home & Gardens. 

As some already know, our schedules allow us to do much but never seem to provide much time to get things done around the house. It always seems to be something we're going to do "next week" that never gets accomplished.

What a wonderful, amazing homecoming!

God is good. Our church family is totally awesome. We are blessed far beyond anything we deserve! We're excited to see everyone tomorrow.

Here's a slide show of what our place looks like this evening;

kuvakas's Home Surprise album on Photobucket

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