Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kinsman Redeemer

Kelly, my wife, wrote this song about 5 years ago. She sang it at the end of the sermon today. It was a beautiful coda to a beautiful story about the love Boaz had for Ruth and how that was a shadow of the love Christ has for us.


When I see You through my tears

When I reach out through my fears
I will lie down at Your feet
Kinsman Redeemer


     I will seek You in the night
     For I long to see the Light

     Only You can change my heartache into gain,

     Only You can make my heart to sing again.

Bring me Life      

Remove this pain      
Fill this heart beyond the sorrows it contains

Be my Hope

Renew my Joy

‘Cause with You my life is so much sweeter

You are strong when I am weaker

Cover me and I will bear Your name
I turn to You my Comforter and King.  

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