Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Testimony About Working on the Sabbath

I received this from one of our members after the service last weekend. I'm preparing an additional teaching on the Sabbath, in written form and should have it ready before the weekend. Meanwhile, here's a poignant story regarding our decisions on how to honor God:

"I don't normally work on Sunday.  By saying that I mean that since I have gone back to work I have not ever worked on Sunday. But this week, my work load was huge and I knew I could not get it all done without working over the weekend.  I had to be at a client on Monday and had a deadline for another client for Wed.  I had other obligations on Saturday, so I packed my bags, put all my work stuff in the car Sunday morning and took off for church.  I figured I would go to service and then head off to work.  But I walked in to here you preaching about not working on the Sabbath.  I said "oh God, you know I have to work.  I will never get it done in time if I don't."  After service still having similar conversations with God I climbed in my car and drove to work. 
The next morning I got up and went into the office early before heading down to my client.  Only to find an email from my client that she was sick and no one would be at the office to help me.  I did not have to go to the client as planned I was in the office and could work on my deadline all day.  To top it off my boss's wife heard I worked on Sunday and she said "you know you are not supposed to work on the Sabbath". 
I had to laugh!  God is faithful!  He had everything under control.  He knew that if I followed Him and did not work on the Sabbath I would be fine.  But I was faithless.  By God's grace he allowed me to see his provision even when I had chosen poorly.  He is so awesome!  Some days I have to get hit with a 2x4 to get his point.  But he sure does it in a loving way!" 

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