Sabbatical 2017

Sabbatical 2017
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

My amazing wife and I are about to celebrate our 32 wedding anniversary. 32 years is a long time but, somehow, the longer we are together, the fresher and more exciting things seem to get. We've certainly had our rough spots, growing from self-centered, expectant individuals into a "one flesh" couple centered on Jesus Christ and striving to make each other more important than our self. We are learning that the only way any of this is possible is to make our Lord more important than either of us. These are hard lessons but, looking back on 32 years of learning them, they are worth every teaching moment. I'm so glad God is patient as He molds us into His image. We're not there yet but God has been willing to guide us as long as we are willing to listen to Him. 

So where does 32 years (34, if you count our dating years) get us?

Kelly is the love of my life. I get butterflies when she walks into the room. When I daydream, I daydream of her. There's no other person in my life I'd rather be with. She gets more beautiful with each passing day. She's always been an attractive woman but  in recent years, she has become stunningly beautiful. I believe, with all my heart, this is the Lord and His awesome beauty rising up in her, one of the most godly women I know. She has been patient with my shortcomings and diligent to recognize and surrender her own to the Father. She has taught me what true devotion to our Lord means and I will ever be grateful for the example she has set as God continues to knit our hearts together.

God has been working on us all this time. Our decision to make Him our priority has not always been easy to abide by. We both get selfish at times and slip in our efforts to honor Him in all we do. But, thanks to the Holy Spirit guiding and encouraging us, our relationship is healthier than ever before. And as we stand on the edge of our golden years, our dependence upon Him for everything we are and everything we have gives us a hope and a promise that things will get even better as we go. This is the most exciting adventure I have ever been on in my life!

To my awesome wife, "Happy anniversary! Will you be, once again and forever, my Valentine?"

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  1. The view from your chair - whether that chair is a modern, metal, swivel desk chair with a padded seat, suitable for working long hours - or a rounded back, natural colored wooden chair, beautifully set around a dining room table laid out with a bountiful meal - or a chair that is a deep, soft red supple leather that warms to your touch, enveloping you while still allowing you to breathe - that view for us has become Christ.

    And seen through Christ, we become beautiful -- with a beauty that is not simply viewed, but experienced.

    I'm so grateful to you John, for your choosing me and keeping me (seriously!) all these years. It has not been easy, but God has always been with us - and even nearer in the hardest places. As we've both grown more in love with Him, we've grown more in love with each other.

    I very definitely say "Yes! I will be your Valentine!" and I'm excited to see what heights and depths of love the Lord will reveal in the next 32 years.

    I love you!