Friday, August 26, 2011

Things I Can't Figure Out About My Wife

After being married for over 3o years, I cherish my wife more so now than ever before. God has blessed us with a vibrant and wonderful relationship that, inexplicably other than for the presence of the Holy Spirit, continues to grow deeper and more profound with each passing year. That being said, there are a few things I still struggle to understand about her. So, on this day, her birthday, I would like to list a few of them as an open letter to her.

To my amazing wife, Kelly;

I don't understand how we, at some point, became "soul mates". It just happened somewhere along the way. It's amazing and beautiful that I have this special connection with you that is unique and exclusive and not to be shared with anyone else. I love it! Still, I can't explain it. All I know is that it is the fulfillment of a promise, "...and the two shall become one flesh."

In the same vein, I don't fully comprehend those infrequent but emotionally charged moments when I'm thinking of you and I feel so totally at one with you that I'm not sure where you leave off and I begin. I believe this is a little gift form God, giving me a short, brief glimpse into the unity and love shared by the Trinity (there is but one God, God is three persons, each person is God). This concept warps my mind and challenges me to a deeper understanding of holiness, but those fleeting moments of total oneness I feel with you makes me understand it's all amazingly, miraculously, supernaturally....real.

I fail to grasp how I can be getting older with each passing year while you seem to maintain your youth. Blinded by love? Maybe. But, the evidence (as shown in the pic above) speaks for itself.

As evident and true as that may be, it still defies logic and reason that you continue to get more beautiful as time passes. Even more astounding is that you approach your beauty with the grace and humility of a godly woman, not relying on it nor being controlled by it, but allowing the light and presence of the Holy Spirit to shine through you. You're a true picture of a Proverbs 31 woman, honoring God even in your appearance. I guess He just blesses that and it ends up demonstrating His presence on the inside in how you look on the outside (The Beatitudes?).

I am at a failure to explain how we can be together, doing absolutely nothing, and having such a great time. Just being with each other is a blessing all in itself.

Probably the most spectacular and deeply emotional thing that I can't explain is how my love for you continues to grow. How you continue inspire me toward greater godliness. How you are, in every way my greatest encouragement and my most intimate confidant. How you propel me and compliment me in all we do. You an amazing woman, an incredible wife and a beautiful, in all godly ways, mother.

Happy birthday, honey. What a wonderful moment to stop and praise God for bringing you into my life.


  1. What an amazing testimony of God's faithfulness and provision ~ and such a blessing to your dear wife and beloved! Happy Birthday, Kelly! Blessings upon your together love ~ may you two continue to shine for the world that amazing, intangible quality which the Lord shares through you both, demonstrating His enduring, cherishing, and faithful love.