Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sermon Prep at the Beach

Kelly and I have been on vacation since the Friday before last. It's been great to simply slow down and restore. We normally get a decent amount of time together but seldom have the opportunity to just slow down and enjoy each other and allow the Holy Spirit to renew and refresh us. Having time like this always reminds me of the awesome blessing of God's grace in giving me such a wonderful wife and best friend.

Our time together has been a blessing in every way. We've been able to read some of the things we've wanted to read for quite some time. We both do a lot of reading on a daily basis but much of it is in study or preparation for one class or another. During this break, I've been able to knock down the height of my stack of books that I've been meaning to read for my own teaching and growth and Kelly has had the time to work her way through some material at a less urgent pace.

We've also been listening to a few different series of teachings on DVD or CD. We've enjoyed DA Carson's "The God Who Is There" and part of Todd Friel's "Herman Who?", a course on hermeneutics (look it up!). I've also been listening to RC Sproul's "From Dust To Glory" during my morning work outs. This one will make a great Adult Sunday School class!

This may sound like work to some, but for us, it has been totally relaxing. We get spiritually fed and then we have plenty to talk about when we're done. We've had time to pray for our family, for our church family and for each other. We've spent time at the beach and at the pool and just lazing around the condo. In the evenings, we've been watching shows we've downloaded. So, our days have been full.

In addition to all that, I've had the next sermon on my mind. I've been told (and found that it is true) that a Pastor is always writing his next sermon. Just being at the beach doesn't mitigate the need for proper and careful study of the Scriptures in order to be ready to return to the pulpit. The breeze is balmy, the sounds of the ocean are relaxing, the sun is bright and the water is warm. What an environment to study the Word of God in! So, at times, the window is open, the computer is on, the Logos Bible Study is up and running and my word processor is heating up. Still, this is a blessing in it's own way, it is another way of relaxing for me. "My soul finds rest in God alone..."

We're both looking forward to being with or brothers and sisters next Sunday. I'm eager to pick back up in Matt 5, we'll be in vs 21-26. Sharing the Word of God is not only a privilege and an honor, it's something that excites me. As RC Sproul replied to a man who thanked him for making the word come alive in such an animated fashion, "It's not me that makes the Word come alive, it is the Word that makes me come alive! That's why I get so excited. "

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