Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise From California

Shortly after our second service began yesterday, I was blown away at the unexpected arrival of two very close friends from California, Mark and Silia Andresen. They got to the church shortly before I began preaching and it took a moment to compose myself before stepping into the Pulpit.

Kelly and I got to know Mark and Silia about 13 years ago. God brought them into our lives for only two years but during that time, He knit our hearts together in a very unique and beautiful way.

They last visited us 6 years ago. Then, we were reminded of how sweet our fellowship had once been by how easy and fast it was for us to get comfortable with each other. It happened again this time as well. Like a favorite sweater or your most comfortable pair of shoes, our relationship is so easy to slide into, it fits like it was made just for us.

We had a great time getting caught up. We were pleasantly surprised and mightily blessed to find that God has been taking them along a quite similar path to ours in what He has been showing and teaching us.

They only stayed with us for a day and a half. But, even after a short stay, it was tough to see them leave. We find ourselves, this evening, already looking forward to our next visit with them.

Seeing the Andresens has been great. It has reminded us of how God is faithful to bring us along, step by step. It also reminds us that he has been working in our lives, directing us and teaching us, for quite some time. Even though we've been apart for a long time, God has been steadily working in all our hearts and our ministries for a common purpose, His glory.

Sitting here this evening, we have the chance to reflect upon past relationships and present ones as well. Considering the great friends and heartfelt relationships He has brought into our lives since we've been called to serve at WBF, we realize and appreciate how precious those relationships are and how God is working through each of them, in the present, for His glory just as He has been in the past.

We're further encouraged to realize that when Christ is the foundation for a relationship, as He has been in our friendship with the Andresens and now with so many others as well, those friendships will endure in spite of time or distance.

Isn't this exciting!!

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