Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thoughts On The Coming Year....

I got this from a close friend who is well versed in economics, Jeff Haymond. It strikes at the heart of the looming economic crisis and what the Body of Christ should see in it.

I wanted to share some quick thoughts on where I think we're collectively going, and ask you to pray about this. Use the answer to that prayer as you see fit.

I don't claim to have any revelation from God, but the following idea came to me over the last few months, and our family is currently praying about what it means to us.

Many of you know I am not optimistic about where our country and the world is going. the election really only accentuated where I felt we were going. I believe the fundamental economic mistakes that got us into this mess are only being repeated to somehow get us out. While I won't bore you w/my specific thoughts, the conclusion is we're likely headed further down. When the Japanese tried the same stupidity after their bubble burst in 1989, the subsequent decade is now called "the lost decade" as all their efforts availed them naught, only brought their govt deeper in debt.

But God is on his throne, and is not asleep nor away on an errand. No, his sovereign control is completely behind this for whatever purpose he has planned. While I believe this will get worse, I see tremendous opportunity for the Church to shine. We all know that people will often only turn to God when there is no where else to turn. I believe the coming year will show the fallacy of looking to government to deliver us, and many will see that their "messiah" will fail to deliver them...

I conclude that this will be a year of tremendous opportunity for harvest. In fact, our family is praying about whether this is to be a year of harvest, and what that means to us. I am thinking it means a systematic approach of appealing to God for salvation for our family/friends. While we've been active before in this regard, if God is planning a harvest, I don't want our friends/family members to be left behind. There are seasons for everything, and many of us have sown for years. This very well could be the season we've been waiting for.

Appreciate any thoughts you have. Maybe I really only have a case of indigestion....

But I don't think so...

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