Israel 2016

Israel 2016
Roman architectural influence in Bet Sean, Israel

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

News From Israel

The first news i read about the conflict in Israel had the headline "Israel Bombs Gaza" as its lead in. It wasn't until much later in the story that it was revealed that Hamas had attacked Israel first and the bombing was a response in self-defense. Even today, the headlines read things like "Israel amasses troop along Gaza border" or "Israeli attack on Gaza continue" or "Israeli attacks leave 270 dead in Gaza".

When Kelly and I were in Israel a few years ago, one of the primary concerns was the way the media would slant the news about Israel to make them appear to be the aggressors every time they were attacked. Knowing that most people get their news by reading headlines or listening to sound bites and little more, most editors go for the sensational but inaccurate blurb.

Yet, none of this should be a surprise. Scriptures tells us over and over again that Israel will never be treated fairly by the nations and that, ultimately, they will turn against her. (Micah 4:11, Micah 5:1 are just a few examples)

Here's some first hand news from a Christian brother who lives in Jerusalem.


Four improved Grad rockets struck Beersheva this morning; one exploded in an empty classroom. Beersheva has some 250,000 citizens who are now in harms way. It is some 40 km from Gaza and who knows what the ranges of Hamas' other rockets are. Yesterday over 50 rockets hit Israel from Gaza and Israel called up more reservists. They now total 9,200. Troops and tanks are gathered on the Gazan border and all of Israel is in a wait and see attitude as to what the next few days will bring. There is a sense here that even though there have been many anti-Israel protests all over the world, many countries, including Arab nations, would welcome the fall of Hamas. The news is difficult to interpret and the Middle East has always been a place of intrigue but the expected world wide outrage against Israel has not developed as thought.

It is hard to watch the pictures of the damage that the Israeli forces have inflicted on Gaza. Was is never pretty or clean, even when it is in self defense. But when I watch I remember that Hamas has vowed all along that its goal is the destruction of Israel and they are just an Iranian proxy at that. If there had been no strikes on Gaza, the rockets would still be coming in to Israel. This needs to end.

I find myself praying for the innocent Gazan people who have been forced into this position by a regime that has no concern for building up the Gazan economy or raising up a generation of children in peace and relative prosperity. They are pawns in a game and have no real way out except to believe that Israel is their enemy instead of the very people who govern and lead them. Gaza used to produce much produce and flowers and the like, now it just produces hatred and violence.

Thanks for your prayers for us here in the land. We are safe here in Jerusalem for the present but please continue to pray.

Blessings from Jerusalem,

Myer Dennis

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